Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sometimes a gal just can't get a break!

I woke up Monday quite a bit shorter of breath than I have been. I thought maybe it had something to do with stopping my steroids, so tried to wait it out, but was no better by Tuesday. One chest CT scan later and I now officially have a pulmonary embolism. I'm starting to believe Janaya and some of my friends who have been trying to convince me there are real situations that no other words but a certain one that fits! UGH!!!! (No that's not the word, I still don't say it, but I have thought it a time or two recently!) I've researched and I guess it's not that rare of a thing to develop an embolism between being on chemo and steroids and oh yeah, having cancer. The good thing is they don't put you in the hospital anymore for it as long as you're stable. Joe gives me a shot of blood thinner each morning and evening and that's it! Hopefully, over the next few days, the clot will start to dissolve and I'll be able to breath easier again.

Then, to top that news off, I bit into a soft hamburger (organic, grass fed beef) for dinner tonight and a corner of my back cap broke off my tooth! See what I mean about getting a break? Call into the dentist first thing tomorrow. :>(

On the good news front, Michael's team won their lacrosse game last night and I was feeling well enough to go and watch him play. It was a nail biter, but they won 12 to 11. His team still has a small chance of making the playoffs this year. It would be the first time in five years.

Joey called today and is going to come down on Friday. Michael has a game and then we're all going to go out to dinner to celebrate Joe's birthday which is Sunday.

I drove over to ASU today to have lunch with Janaya during her break. Poor thing was in shorts and freezing, so we went to the bookstore and bought her a pair of sweats.

Pam arrives again on Monday!

And, a bulb that Joe's mom sent out to me for Christmas two years ago bloomed for the first time this week and as you'll see below, the blooms are gorgeous!

So, maybe that word isn't warranted after all. Setbacks keep coming at me non-stop, but there is a lot to celebrate, too!

Love you all!


NP said...

AY YI YI!!!!!! Sorry, love you. You sure do have a good reason for struggling with your breathing. Hopefully that clot will dissolve SOON. I'm thinking those beautiful blooms mean there are so many good things yet to come. Ugh ~ I HATE dental issues. Can you imagine if you bit into something harder??? WooHoo for Michaels game ~ I'm actually surprised you didn't have a heart attack during it just to really top things off. How much fun that you got to be there cheering them on. Also WooHoo for Joey coming, Joe's birthday celebration AND Pam coming. Glad you could get poor little freezing Janaya some sweats ~ isn't it the BEST getting to be able to wear sweats in April??? Hang in there, we're ALL pulling for you!
Love & hugs,

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Meags said...

I was intreged by AmiHopsons post and tried to find a translation for her Chinese. I think this is what she wrote after my amatuer sluething.

Count your blessings, Live in the now. I wish you all good health.

You are a great example of counting your blessings and living in the now. Thanks for reminding us all of these important acts.

I enjoyed talking with you and loved hearing your laugh. I love you. Meagen