Monday, April 19, 2010

A Fun Surprise

Hi, everyone. Joe and I had a great weekend this weekend. I spent most of Saturday resting after getting my new port and chemo on Friday. I was still tired Sunday, but feeling pretty good. I ran some errands with Joe. I stayed in the car, but it was nice to just spend time with him. That is one thing this disease is teaching me. Sometimes (most times) it is just the nice, normal, ordinary times spent with the people you love that are the most important and meaningful.

Then, in the afternoon, we rode out to the Chandler Airport. Joe loves airplanes and likes any excuse to go out and watch them land and take off. Before I was sick, one of our favorite things to do was ride our bikes out to the airport for breakfast and watch the planes. If you haven't been out there for breakfast, go. It's fabulous!

Well, yesterday, my good friend, Carol, had told us that the B-17 Bomber, Sentimental Journey, was going to be at the airport and that because her son was payload specialist, she was going to get to fly in it from Chandler to Falcon Field in Mesa. She was so excited! She is the girl equivalent of Joe when it comes to being enraptured with planes and flight! Joe and I decided it would be fun to go see the plane and that we could take pictures of it taking off for Carol, too. When we got there, we took the tour of the plane and then walked across the tarmac to talk with Carol. Unbeknownst to us, while we were touring the plane, she had talked with her son and found out that there was an extra seat on the flight and Joe could have it if he wanted. If he wanted?!! Are you kidding me?!! He was so excited. He and Carol were like two little kids at Disneyland! I kept my feet firmly on the ground, where they like to be, and took pictures, now of both of them taking off.

It was a great day!


NP said...

Wow ~ what a fun adventure! My feet would have been planted firmly by yours Martha. Those are GREAT pictures.
Love & hugs,

Dottie said...

GREAT pictures, Martha! Joe passed his love of that aircraft off to Michael because when Michael was in fourth/fifth grade with me, his "Weird, Wacky, or Wonderful" report was ALL about the B-17. Michael is the one who THOROUGHLY taught me about the B-17 . . . AND he did a MUCH better job doing it than when I was at NASA Space Camp for Teachers!! He--as always--did a remarkable job on his report!

I love hearing about your and Joe's little side trips just "smelling the flowers"!

Lots of love and good positive energy to you, Martha!