Friday, April 9, 2010

A Good Day!

Well, I have survived the first treatment of my new chemo regimen in pretty good order. Very mild nausea and no vomitting. Based on the prechemo teaching and the number of antinausea med prescriptions they sent me home with yesterday, I'm very pleasantly surprised!

One bad side effect is they gave me over three liters of fluid during the process (I guess it's important to keep your kidney's flushed with this chemo). I have blown up like the Michellan Man! My left arm and leg are three times as big as my right! Unsightly and uncomfortable! Hopefully, some of it will have gone down by tomorrow.

Great news! We got Joey a car! Now, he will be able to get back and forth from Flagstaff around his work schedule much easier. It is a four-door Nissan Sentra and very nice. My first car was a Sentra. It was a great car and I loved it. I think he is in love with his already, too, based on the smile on his face. You can also see how swollen my face is!

It has been great having Joey home this week. He fills the house with his sunny spirit. He works as a cook up in Flagstaff and has been cooking us wonderful dinners each night. It's made for nice evenings around the dinner table. It's also been nice that he's been able to go to a couple of Michael's lacrosse games while he's been here and cheer him on.

Enjoyed the weather today. I actually got out on my bike for a couple of miles. I thought I'd just do a short little stint, but once I got on, it felt great. For some reason right now, riding my bike is easier on my breathing than walking, though I did do a little of that, too.

Well, off to bed for the night. Just touching base with everyone.

Love you all!


Shannon said...

I love you Martha and am so blessed to be your friend!

Shannon said...

Love you! And I am a betterperson because of you! Love hugs. Shannon

velvet brick said...

Wow!!! Joey COULDN'T stop beaming about his new car! it really is a beauty! I'm impressed at your bike riding! YOU GO, GIRL! My exercise consisted of a hot date with a doctor... THE RUG DOCTOR!! I cleaned me downstairs carpets after school yesterday because my dog thinks running amoke in my house with muddy paws is thrilling! Does Brewskie have any advice for my dog?? Everything is 'Rosie' this morning! I'm so glad you're able to be out and enjoy these gorgeous days-it's hard not to get a serious case of spring fever! Happy weekend, sweet friend! ; )

Cheela said...

I am so glad Joey will be able to get down to visit you. I got a bike just before spring break. It took me three days to get up enough nerve to get on it. I am doing fairly good now--as long as I don't have to stop anywhere!! Want to go for a ride with me? You might be laughing to hard to really get anywhere!!

NP said...

Ohhhh ~ I soooo want to be there when you and Sheila go on a bike ride together :) I'm so happy for Joey ~ what great pictures! I'm hoping the swelling is going down~ that must be uncomfortable. I'm keeping positive thoughts that you have no more side effects from the chemo.

Meags said...

Thank you for the updates. I love seeing your smile. I enjoying seeing Joey's big grin about the car. Take care. I think of you all often

N-Search of Peace! said...

Car and biking! Great news to hear!

You all look so wonderful and am thinking of you all everyday! I am still hoping that the "Margarita-Express" will be pulling out again soon!

Seems this kind of weather sure makes you more thirsty for one, right?

Love you and sending (((hugs)))!!!!!


Anonymous said...

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