Monday, May 4, 2009

Lacrosse Season Comes to an End

Michael played in his last regular season game this past Saturday. Our family always goes into a kind of lacrosse withdrawal when the season ends.

Michael's team had a great season. Their final record was six wins and four losses. All four losses were by one point only and three of them were lost in overtime. They lost to Brophy in overtime by one point and Brophy is an elite team with an undefeated record. The closest any other team came against them was to within five points.

Michael also had an amazing season individually. He scored eight goals and we lost count of the number of assists. It has to be at least two per game which would be twenty. He and a couple of other players from the JV team have been asked to practice with the varsity team this week and participate in a tournament this coming weekend. We are so proud of him!

Here are two pictures Joe took of him at the last game. I will post all of the pictures in his album on my facebook page.

Till next time!
Love you all!

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N-Search of Peace said...

He is amazing in all ways, wouldn't you agree?
Sounds like life really is wonderful, wouldn't you agree?
And it is all because you and Joe were committed parents of 3 spirits in trusted to you both, wouldn't you agree?
That's a pretty cool accomplishment on all persons, wouldn't you agree?
Love and wishes...