Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Done With Chemo! (Fingers Crossed)

Yesterday was my last chemo, for now, and hopefully if everything continues to go well, forever! I've had two Adriamycin/Cytoxin, two Adriamycin/Cytoxan/Taxotere, sixteen Abraxane, and eight Avastin treatments! It has been a really long six months! But . . . everything I've read says that the chemo is the worst part of this whole journey and now it's behind me! Hooray! I know it's going to take a while, but I can't wait to start looking more like my normal self. Gone are the days of wishing I looked more like Katherine Heigl! Just plain ol' normal me will do, thank you!

The nurses at the chemo unit had a bubble party to celebrate my last day of chemo.

Joe, Pam, and I also met with Dr. Livingston and Dr. Lang yesterday. They are both very pleased with my response to the chemo and say it's hopeful that I may have a complete pathological response. Dr. Lang spent a long time going over the surgery with us and we scheduled it for June 11th. Only three weeks away. I hadn't met with Dr. Lang since our first visit in January. We left yesterday feeling so very confident in her. She is a very skilled surgeon. And, she treats each of us as if we really matter and that my outcome matters to her.

I decided on a double mastectomy. I know that there is a real chance that I may have to deal with metastasis and that the road ahead of me may yet still be a long one, but there is also a real chance that the chemo has worked and the worst is behind me. Even though the doctors tell me that the chance of a second breast cancer developing are small, I just can't even imagine having to begin this journey all over again. I've researched and there are all kinds of wonderful prosthetic bras and clothing so that no one need ever know (except all of you of course!) and if everything goes well I can have reconstructive surgery next summer.

Pam and Janaya planned a girl's spa day tomorrow to celebrate being done with the chemo. Then, I am going back to New Jersey with Pam on Monday for a little over a week to visit with family. When I get back, it will only be one week until the surgery, so things are going to go fast. I'm really happy about that. No time to worry!

Well, that's it for now. I'm so thankful for everyone's love and support. It has been an enormous help to me during these past six months.

Love you all tons!


Jim said...

I hope you're taking the red eye so you can be here in time for the parade. I'll have your wool band uniform and sax waiting for you.

Congratulations on finishing your chemo. That's great news.

Gwendolyn said...

Congratulations Martha! I'm glad the chemo is done. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Have a great visit with Pam.

Love you,

N-Search of Peace said...

For you my dear friend, and for your amazing family, joy...joy is what I feel and what I want you to have!...joy...what a wonderful word it is!
Love you and hugs around your beautiful heart!

Cheela said...


Your class list is ready for next year! I know that you will be back. We have missed you so much. Have a wonderful time back east. I will be praying for you. Don't forget to use a bit of Knock water before the surgery.

Martha said...

Sheila, I've used the Knock water every time I've gone for a treatment or test!

velvet brick said...

I love this picture of your LAST chemo treatment and BUBBLE PARTY!! What a great to celebrate the end of this road! Like I said the other day, Martha...you are healthier today than you were 6 months ago...the cancer has met its match! I am excited that you are going back with Pam to visit family...good for you for getting a change of scenery! Congrats on all that you've accomplished, dear friend...and for doing it all with such grace! :)) Love you!

velvet brick said...

ok...so I'm tired and can't proof read...

...what a great WAY to celebrate...

Dottie said...

Come on, my dear Looping (NOT loopy!!! :o) Teaching Partner!! Get well and get back to school!! We REALLY miss you!! I just brought my fourth grade materials to your classroom and switched them for your fifth grade materials. We need you to start out this upcoming batch of new fourth graders in the Fall!!!

We're just keeping our fingers crossed, continuing to say our prayers, and counting on the second scenario you described that the chemo has worked and the worst is behind you, Martha!! Like your license plate says--(WE) BELIEVE!!!

Do you, Joe, and Pam want us to set up a schedule of people to stay with you around the clock at the hospital during your stay? You know, of course, we'd love to do that or anything else that would help you feel more comfortable!! It's really quite selfish on our part because we ALL want you well and back to school, you know!!! :o)

Well, dear friend, I am so glad you are in such good hands--both medical and family!!!

It seems that you're on the down-hill side of this and we have no doubt you will be the victor!! And, we're all just right there beside you cheering you on with all of our love and support, Martha!!!

I know you will enjoy your time with your family, Martha!! We're all filled with positive thoughts for this next step of your journey!! I have no doubt you will rise above this next step with such dignity and grace too!!

You rock, Girlfriend!!
Lots of love,

Jim said...

Dear Bubbles-
hope you are enjoying every minute of your time back east with family. I'm so glad this part of your journey back to health is over.
Take care,