Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday, Joe!

Joe's 50th birthday was this past Saturday, the 25th. I'm terrible at planning parties when I'm feeling great, never mind trying to do so when I'm not 100%. So, I arranged for us to go to Lake Tahoe for a four day weekend. It was a surprise for Joe. He knew we were going somewhere, but had no idea where. He found out at the airport when they put the tags on our luggage. Neither of us had been to Lake Tahoe before. When we arrived at the airport in Reno, I told him we couldn't leave for our hotel yet because I had a package arriving. Soon, in walked his parents from NJ to help us celebrate!

It was a wonderful weekend! I've always heard how beautiful Lake Tahoe is, but you really have to see it to truly appreciate how beautiful it really is. We stayed at a fantastic hotel in Incline Village, which is located on the north shore. On Saturday, we woke up to falling snow. It was gorgeous! But, also freezing. We went out for a scenic drive and oohed and ahhed over the scenery; the lake, the pine trees, and the mountains. We were also amazed at the amazing homes. There were so very many gorgeous, multi-million dollar vacation homes all along the lake in Incline Village.

We met a friend of Joe's Dad who races Corvettes for lunch. Needless to say, with Joe's interest in Corvettes it wasn't hard to make conversation. As we ate, the clouds completely cleared out and the sun began to shine. Everything just glittered and shone. We drove up to Truckee, went through the Donnor Historical Museum, and browsed through several interesting shops.

On Saturday, we took a cruise across the lake to see Emerald Bay. When we returned to the hotel, Joe and his parents swam in the heated outdoor pool. I was reluctant to go without my wig, so hung out in the hotel room reading.

Each night we went out for a wonderful meal and then returned to the hotel to play Rummikube. I think over the course of three nights, Joe's parents and I won one round each. Joe won something like ten rounds! Must have been birthday luck!

It was sad to say goodbye to Joe's parents, but we have a wonderful memory to hold on to.

I'll post a couple of pictures below. If you'd like to see more, I'll be making an album on my facebook page.

Love you all!

Joe by the lake the morning it was snowing. Does he look cold to you?!

Joe with his parents in Truckee.

Joe and I on the deck of the cruise boat. Janaya liked this picture and said she thought we looked like we were posing for a Ralph Lauren commercial!

OK. I've heard of looking more and more like your mother as you get older. I've even heard of people beginning to look like their dog. But, have any of you heard of a daughter-in-law beginning to look more and more like her father-in-law?!! :>)


Cheela said...

Happy Birthday to Joe! I am so glad you were able to get away, Martha. My cousins have a cabin in Truckee and I try to get there each summer. Haven't been for awhile, but I absolutely love that area. It is so beautiful.

velvet brick said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOE!! What a great wife to set up such a fantastic way to celebrate 50 years! The snow picture was just awesome and I do agree with your daughter...the one on the bow of the boat DOES look Ralph Lauren-ish... : )) Martha, you crack me up with looking more like your father-in-law...LOL! I think you all look fantastic - with or without hair! I am so glad you got to go and have such a great time! : )) Give your big guy a birthday hug for me! : )) Love you both!

N-Search of Peace said...

Janaya is SO right! You both Do look like Ralph Lauren models posing for a shoot! Joe even has the salt and pepper hair!
So glad that your surprise for Joe's birthday was a true smash sweetie! Having Joe's parents meet up with you, was by far, one of the best memories you could have created for him!
Well, here's to celebrating the next 50 all together! Maybe you both should submit that photo "to" Ralph Lauren and say something like; "Amazing at 50!"
Love you and miss you sweetie...