Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Surgery Tomorrow!

Well, my surgery date is finally here. The past three weeks have gone by very fast. I've vacillated between wanting the time to slow down because I'm, in my heart, dreading the surgery, and wanting the time to fly by so I can get this behind me. But, by this time tomorrow I'll be in surgery, so it's time to just face it and get it done with. It will definitely be a relief to have it over with. I've looked at pictures on the Internet and so I know what to expect. Totally gives a new meaning to having a boyish figure! I've bought some pretty feminine tops and new pajamas so I have something to look forward to wearing afterwards. It's funny how new, pretty clothes can make almost any situation bearable!

My family and friends have been wonderful over the last couple of weeks. I've never laughed so much or felt so loved!

Spa day was a hit! The massage was great, but the facial was heavenly! My skin has taken a beating from the chemo and the skin on my face had become dried out and has big brown blotches and lots of wrinkles that weren't there before. The facial left my skin feeling softer than I can remember in a long time. Also, now that I'm done with the chemo, it's not nearly so dry and the brown blotches are so very slowly starting to fade. No eyebrows yet, but one and a half eyelashes! We also had lunch, hung out by the pool, sat in the suana, and lounged in the jacuzzi. Here's a picture of Pam, Janaya, and me waiting to go in for our massages.

Notice my new wig? It's so funny because everyone who sees me in it for the first time exclaims, "You got your hair cut!"

I had a great time visiting Pam and her family in NJ and also got to drive up and see Joe's family.

Joe and I spent this past weekend up in Flagstaff visiting Joey and had a great time. His first summer class, public speaking, started last week and he is enjoying it so far. He also got hired to work at the NAU Dome and loves it. Friday night they did all three of Flagstaff's high school graduations. He is really looking forward to having spending money without having to call home for it. First thing on his list - a new long board.

My friend, Jo, hosted a girl's lunch for me this week and it was wonderful! Then, I went to happy hour with the Margarita Express, minus Carol who was sick, :>( on Monday. Lunch yesterday with Janaya and Michael. Add into all this activity that my brain must be confused as to why I'm going to the hospital because I've developed nesting syndrome and haven't been able to stop cleaning, and the time has gone by very fast.

I plan on taking my new mini computer with me to Tuscon and will post as soon as I'm able. Pam will post on facebook as soon as my surgery is over to let everyone know how it went. The plan is to be discharged by noon on Friday and as long as everything has gone smoothly, which I know it will, be home Friday afternoon.

There have been studies done that show that people who laugh and who have the love and support of family and friends heal better and also have less chance of recurrence. All of you are a very important part, the most important part, of my medical team. You're all awesome and I love each of you so very much!

Talk to you soon!
Love you!

PS: All of my girlfriends know why I added Heat Wave to my song list. Can you guess? :>)


N-Search of Peace said...

The power of love is the most amazing emotion and action that we posses!
We are all with you on your drive to Tuscon.
We are all with you for check-in at the hospital.
We are all lying with you on your gurney.
We are all there while you start counting back from 100.
We are all with you in recovery and opening your eyes to seeing your Joe.
We are all with you being told that everything went well and you did great!
We are all with you sweetie! Forever!
Till Friday night then, love and God's speed sweetie! Keep looking upward!

velvet brick said...

You girls look wonderful with your spa day photo shoot! : )) I'm really glad you were able to go play a little! A girl has to do that now and then! : ))

My dear friend.... I am so happy to have this surgery finally here! In 24 hours, you will be waking up from it and will have crossed another bridge in this journey of yours. The beauty of it is that we walk this journey with you all the way!! I've told you before how much of an inspiration you are to me. Someday I will elaborate, but just know that you have walked with me these days as much as I have you. My thoughts were with you today and will continue to be, as well as my prayers. You and your family are amazing people in all ways... good news and great days will continue to be blessed upon you all! Love you, Martha...

Jane said...

I will be thinking of you Martha!
I pray you will have a speedy recovery and that you will know we are all cheering for you.


Cheela said...

I have been thinking about you so much, Martha, as we have been traveling. I will be saying some extra prayers today for you. You have been so amazing!