Monday, December 15, 2008

Hugs and Laughter, the Best Medicine!

Well, I was right, this past week has been a busy one, but at the same time, a very wonderful one, too.

Last Thursday was my book group's annual holiday party. It was a wonderful time! We started out sentimental with toasting and "clinking" and a few tears and a few laughs, then had a wonderful dinner provided by Kelly, and then got down to the fun. We played Christmas Carol Pictionary. And, laughed and laughed and laughed! It was so much fun. Everyone teased me about being so competitive. My family teases me about the same thing. It's not that I feel like I have to win . . . but winning is more fun than losing, right? I just feel like if you're going to play, you might as well play to win. If I lose, that's ok, I just don't very often. :>) It was a wonderful time and I love the girls in my book club!

Friday night was Joe's work party. It was one of those murder mystery dinners. I had never been to one before. Basically, you watch an Agatha Christie type murder mystery play as you have dinner. There are short intermissions as each course is served. During the dessert course and before the final act of the play you are given a form to fill out guessing who the murderer was, what their motive was, and whether or not they had an accomplice and if they did, who. Then, you watch the final act and find out who did it. It was very entertaining. But, here's the thing. This may be my competitive side coming out, but at the end, they told us they have different endings for the play and the ending they perform is based on who the majority of the audience thought had committed the murder. Well, of course, being the original thinker that I am, my choice wasn't the same as the masses and I was wrong. I lost. :>( Good thing my self-esteem had been built up the night before at book club! Really, it was a very fun night. Joe works with really wonderful people and they care about each other like family. So many people that only have the opportunity to see me a couple of times a year came up to me and shared words of care and support. I'm constantly amazed at the number of people who are keeping me in their daily thoughts and prayers.

This is a picture of Janaya and her boyfriend, Andrew, and Joe and I at the Christmas party.

I got to visit with my class twice in the last few days. I went up Thursday to see the 5th and 6th grade musical that many of my students were in. This was the first I've gotten to see them since I had to leave so abruptly. I was really afraid I would be emotional and cry. I miss them so much! But, they were so happy, I couldn't help but just be happy, too. They were so cute. They'd heard that my hair had fallen out and some of them had seen my picture on the blog. They weren't very good at hiding their curiosity and finally one asked if my hair was a wig. They were amazed when I told them yes. They truly felt like it looked like my real hair which made me feel good. One of the boys was sitting on the bench next to me during the play intermission and was quizzing me about how it stayed on and why it didn't come off and how was it attached. I said, "Shhh. Watch." And took the sides of the wig and wiggled it side to side. His eyes about popped out of his head! I really miss spending my days with them. They are so fun!

Today, I went up for their holiday party. They knew I was going for my chemo tomorrow and so planned it early so I could come. It was a very fun time. I had a chance to move around as they ate and visit and talk with all of them. Read aloud is always one my favorite parts of the day and I got to read them a Christmas story. Then, they gave me a gift from the class. Several different things, but the best part was a blanket that one of my moms made. There are ribbons tied all around the border with each of my student's names on them. I know I will treasure it always. I told them I would take it with me to chemo tomorrow and it would be like they were there with me. They really liked that idea. They are an awesome group of kids. Have I said how much I miss them?

This is a picture of me with my class we took at the party.

As you can see, this past week was filled with lots of laughter and hugs; the very best medicine! My spirits are high going into this next chemo treatment.

Talk to you all soon!
Love you tons!


Cheela said...


Your optimism is so incredible!! Thanks for sharing. I am so sorry I missed you in all of these adventures!!

velvet brick said...

Competitive??? Oh lordy...I'll say! I'm still chuckling at you, bring out the fight in all of us! Thursday was such a great time and it truly was balm for the spirit! It was wonderful sneaking in Monday to give you a quick 'hi' and hug... I know your class was so excited to have you back! I know you have chemo today..I hope it goes well and that you feel better soon. Love you always!

Jane said...

I just want you to know that your spirit and attitude have had such an effect on me. I have done a lot of reflecting about life since I heard the news of your one can be perfectly healthy one day, and then get the news that you did the next. It has really made me stop and think about all of the things I take for granted.

The way you look at life, and this trial you are going through has really touched me.
What an incredible and strong women you are. I really admire you. I was so happy to see you at school, and Victoria was too. We have had several good talks about you. She loves you and is rooting for you.
Thanks for making her feel so loved! Keep smiling.

Hugs and prayers!