Friday, November 28, 2008

A Lighter, Funny Note

Ok. Now, here's a funny thanksgiving story! Janaya and I went shopping late Wednesday night after she got off of work. There are six of us here and Michael hates all Thanksgiving food (he ate a ham sandwich for dinner yesterday!) and my sister is not much of a meat eater. So, we were standing at the freezer section where all the turkeys were and saw a turkey roast and thought that would be perfect instead of cooking a whole big turkey. Plus, it would eliminate the need to remove all the guts from the center of the turkey which is always Joe's job while the rest of us stand around and say things like, "OOH gross!" "Disgusting!"

It looked great when I took it out of the wrapper yesterday. It was all wrapped in netting. I placed it in a roaster bag (minimal cleanup I'm thinking) and put it in the oven. Within an hour, the house was filling with the wonderful aroma of roasting turkey. I am not a good cook. To say I'm an adequate cook would be a stretch. I hate to cook. So, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. Have you guys tried those instant mashed potatoes you can buy in the freezer section? They're made by Oreida. The potatoes are skinned and cubed. You just microwave them for ten minutes. Add milk and mash. Now, the house not only smells like roasting turkey, add in the smell of garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing. I'm bragging to everyone how great the meal is turning out and feeling pretty proud of myself. Time to take out the turkey roast.

You probably know where this is going. Oh my gosh! I never saw anything so gross in my life! Have any of you ever made a turkey roast? It's like all the parts of the turkey no one ever eats all held together with netting. Honestly, my stomach is completely back to normal and I almost threw up! We took it straight out to the garbage! Now, everything is done and ready to be eaten, but we have no meat. I thought about calling my neighbor, Mary, and asking if she had enough extra turkey to feed five people, but decided since I don't even seem a little bit sick right now that might be overstepping my bounds.

Off to the store. I've always complained that Safeway is open on Thanksgiving. Those poor people should be home with their families I'd say. I was sure glad they were open yesterday. We ended up buying a cold rotisserie (I'm pretty sure that's spelled wrong, but the spell check isn't fixing it) chicken left over from the day before. "Bet, you're not selling many of these today," I said to the checkout girl. She agreed that was so. Anyway, we sliced it up, heated it in the oven, and dinner was delicious. I was a success after all!

I hope all of your days were wonderful and that you're enjoying your short break.

Love you tons!
Till next time,


velvet brick said...

I can only laugh and laugh over here! Dear woman, you are definetly Martha HITZEL....not to be confused with Martha STEWART!!!! This is a funny story, girl! I wish you had called me...I made a 20lb. and sent home a lot of turkey with David for the kids dinner with their dad. Oh girl..thanks so much for the story and the laugh...I needed it and you've just made my day! Umm... one question... Joe WILL be home for Christmas, won't he? : )

SweetAnnee said...

Chicken to the RESCUE

LoriH said...

Well, I wish you would've called--we had a turkey we weren't using in our fridge, all thawed out & everything. We were going to do a nice quiet day here with just us & Kay changed plans at the last minute. We are actually cooking it now, Sunday night, & having Thanksgiving again--but I would've given it to you in a heartbeat! You should come for left-overs!

It's funny that in your last post you wrote about the girl that lost her life by the hand of a drunk driver. She was a student at Highland High, where my husband works. I can't tell you how the band community across the state has come together in support of her & her family. In addition to the fund raisers from the Gilbert schools, the Brophy student body collected $5000.00 for the family. At the Highland/Brophy football game, the parents passed the hat in the stands & donated even more. The Brophy band spent the week learning the Highland fight song so that they could play it with the Highland band at half-time. And there were many other donations from other schools, as well. It just made me think about what you said about the "band family". We may not all be musical or play an instrument, but we're your "band"!

And the next time you want to go shopping, just give a holler--I'm always up for the mall!!

Keep on rockin', Martha!