Friday, November 28, 2008

A Thanksgiving Note

Ok. If you don't like mushy, sentimental posts, just sign off right now because that's the direction this one is going in. I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to think of the right words to express what I wanted to say in an eloquent way and it just wasn't coming to me. I decided today to just speak from my heart. I've read things before where people say that getting cancer was a gift and I kind of scoffed in my mind - "That's the kind of gift I could do without!" I thought to myself. But, now that I'm going through this experience, I know exactly what they're talking about. My sister has always been my best friend and I'd always feel a little sorry for myself that she lived all the way across the country. I'd complain to her on the phone, "I have friends, but not any really good friends," "No one to call up and go to the mall with." Oh my gosh! I was living my life with blinders on! I have been overwhelmed with the genuine love and care and kindness people have demonstrated to me over the last two weeks. When Sheila shared her holy water from Knock, Ireland with me I was touched so deeply. That she would share something so precious with me told me how much she cares about me. Carol called me seconds after I posted the news about my test results and she was crying and laughing and just full of elation and I'm thinking to myself, I was afraid to call and see if she wanted to go to the mall with me? Liesl sends me a note every day filled with chatty news and humor and listens to all I have to say without judgement. I can't even begin to describe the wonderful, inspiring words people have written to me in cards and emails. And, my family has been amazing.

Ok. Now I'm going to get philosophical, so sign off any time you want! So, not one of us knows how many days we have ahead of us. Joey works at Sonic and they just had a fund-raiser this week for a young teenage girl who had been killed in an accident by a drunk, illegal immigrant. That sure puts things into perspective quickly! Because I've gotten this diagnosis, I will live each day I have with new eyes and a new heart. And I'm thankful for that and I'm thankful for each and every one of you who cares so much about me.

Love you all tons!
Till next time,


velvet brick said...

The beauty is, too, how gracious you have been to let us all in your lives, your private moments, warmly opening the door last Friday and sharing laughs, and 'hair' stories and hugs. Sometimes we don't know how wealthy we are in friends and love until 'those times' when they carry us and sustain us and love us through it all. Please don't ever be afraid to call me...for anything! Mall...Nando's.... a movie! Your girlfriends rock with you!! : )

N-Search of Peace said...

Your heart speaks very well for you, dear one.....there is that adage of "friends come to us for a season or two, or some can stay for a lifetime" friend, I am your friend forever and ever...please do not be afraid to extend yourself to are funny, kind, and a love of a Mom.....let us be apart of that from now on....
Laugh hard and know that you are loved....