Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Wig is Here!

Today has been a good day. The first day since the chemo I've really felt almost my normal self. I still get tired easily, but it's not that overwhelming tiredness where all I can think of is crawling into bed. My stomach has calmed down, I just don't have much appetite. Pam and Janaya took me to Dillards and we had the cosmetics lady help me with some face cream and foundation and while we were there the wig shop called and said my wig was in, so next stop was to pick it up. Janaya's really nice friend, Andrea, cuts my hair regularly and she came over right away and cut and styled the wig so it looks almost like my regular haircut only maybe a little better. Much better than this cut that looks like a two year old did it that I got at the no appointment place! Turbans and hats I ordered a couple of days ago also arrived in the mail today. I tried them on and got a pretty realistic vision of what I'll look like a few days from now. Pam tried to convince me to put one on and go and show Michael and tell him my hair had fallen out while he was at school, but my sense of humor wasn't there yet. Today is day eight and the nurse told me my hair will fall out any time between day ten and fourteen. So, I'm prepared physically and emotionally. Honestly, the wig looks so good I'm almost looking forward to wearing it.

Went to visit my regular doctor for a routine follow up appointment. She didn't know about my diagnosis yet. She told me to be positive, let her know if I got depressed, and gave me a flu shot. I wasn't depressed until I had to get the flu shot! Today was the first day in almost a week where I hadn't been stuck with a needle for one thing or another. It really didn't hurt, it just seems like a good thing to complain about! :>)

A really great thing that has happened as a result of all this is two really great friends from high school have emailed me. (Yes, Kip and Jim, I got your notes and was thrilled! I just haven't had the energy to write back like I want to. And, yes again, Kip, I can soooo picture you on a motorcycle! Send me a picture!).

We sent Joe off to NJ first thing this morning and he arrived safely this afternoon. He sure went with a lot lighter heart knowing the test results were negative.

Janaya is making dinner and her boyfriend, Andrew is coming over to eat.

Sorry this got kind of wordy. I started out thinking I'd write a short post about getting my wig. I'll post a picture when I have to wear it for real the first time.

Till next time,
Love you all tons!


velvet brick said...

Once again, Martha, you did a heck of a lot more than me today! I'm so glad your wig is here and I bet you look awesome! You have a wonderful spirit about it all! A friend of mine went through breast cancer/chemo and her wig was absolutely adorable and she liked it even better than her own hair! It was so natural and cute...you'd never know it was a wig. Glad Joe made it back and that you have the kids pampering you tonight. I'll be giving you a call tomorrow for a 'quickie'. Sleep tight tonight...know that we love you, miss you, pray for all of you and are by your side. Tell Pam 'hi' for me, too! : )

audrey said...

I'm so glad to hear the great news!
I bet your new wig is adorable-can't wait to see it. I miss seeing your bright happy smile but know that you, and your family,have been constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Carol told me about the blog, so I will continue to read your updates. (I've tried to call a few times--no answer-I think I have the wrong #. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving-there is so much to be thankful for!
Love you,
Susan Askins

Anonymous said...

I read all of your blog. I am so thrilled about your recent news. We're all hugging when we're in the corridors of Gilert El. Now we know what a "Tiger" you are!! Keep that spirit under your hat...I mean wig. :) We all feel your strength and will continue with the channel of prayers. KGOD
Hope your eyes feel better.
Listening to storie will work. The kids are now into THE SIGN OF THE BEAVER for sure.
Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours,

Dottie said...

Dear Martha, To hear that hint of humor in your writing makes me think everything's going to be OKAY!!! You truly are an AMAZING woman!!!

You're the one fighting the fight, Martha . . . but you've got an entire ARMY of us right beside you, supporting, loving, and caring for you every step of the way, Girlfriend!!

Best wishes to you and your family for Thanksgiving!! Next Thanksgiving you're REALLY going to ENJOY the taste of the food!!! :o)

Lots of love,

LoriH said...

It is so amazing to read all of this & "hear" your strength in your words. My kids ask about you almost daily & we've had many discussions about cancer--they have a lot of questions. I can't wait to see your wig-I'm sure it looks great! I think about you all the time. I've been giving Mary M. the updates, as Luke talks about you a lot, as well. He really misses you. I gave her the blog address so she can keep him informed. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family, Martha! I'll keep praying:)

Meags said...

Happy Thanksgiving Martha and All! I've been stumped for words. I know this seems pretty strange coming from me a woman who talks as much as I do. I have had a pretty constant inner dialouge with you and all the angels watching over your family for the past two weeks. I have been offering up my silence as a prayer for streghth and fortitude for your fight. I have no doubt that you will beat this beast. The best words that I can think of to share is I love you and Thank you.