Thursday, June 11, 2009

In My Room and Doing Great!

Hi, everyone! I have been in my room for about two hours now and am doing great! I saw Dr. Lang in the recovery room and she seemed very pleased with how everything went. They did do some frozen sections during the surgery of some breast tissue and lypmph nodes and they were all negative. We will have a complete pathology report when we have my follow up appointment on Wednesday.

I am having very little discomfort so far. I have two drains on the left side and one on the right. The one on the right is pretty sore, but they gave me Vicodin and it feels much better.

They gave me a menu to order dinner and I'm having macaroni and cheese, mashed potatos with gravy, a chocolate brownie cupcake, and a slice of carrot cake! My appetite has come back with a vengence! After that, I plan on crawling into bed and going to sleep. I'm tired!

Thank you everyone for all your prayers and good thoughts today. I am so glad to have this behind me!

LOve you all!


velvet brick said...

My God in Heaven!!!! I was just going to look at your last post and I about dropped my laptop when I saw YOU!!!!!!!!! IT'S YOU AFTER SURGERY AND YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!
My gosh...Martha...I am sitting here all teary-eyed.... my buddy made it and looks fantastic!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy to 'see' you, dear sweet woman!! I am so glad you're hungry...EAT AWAY!!! WOOHOPPEEEEE!!! I HAVE TO GO DANCE ON MY TABLE!!!

velvet brick said...

OH! And can we just dance at the great news of the first results from today??!??

Martha, you are just an amazing woman....I am still in shock that you just had surgery hours ago and are sitting there smiling and looking fantastic and ready to chow down!! You are just amazing!

I'm just estactic here!! Tell everyone there 'hi' for me! : ))))

N-Search of Peace said...


Carol, has texted us consistently with the news since your coming out of surgery! look amazing and so like yourself!

How I adore that smile of yours!

Tears are dropping silently down my cheek in praise and gratefulness that today was a great great day!

I can't wait to party with you!

Eat plentiful and your weary head.

All is sweet again..

LoriH said...

Chocolate is always my choice for a pick me up...I'm glad to see you had that on your menu :)! You look fabulous. I can't believe you're up & moving. You are amazing. We'll keep praying.

Dottie said...

YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Our prayers have been answered!!!!!!!! Not a single moment went by today, Martha, that I wasn't thinking about and keeping you near and dear in my thoughts and prayers!!!!! What WONDERFUL news about the preliminary pathology report and . . . ONCE AGAIN . . . you AMAZE me, WW (<--Wonder Woman!!)!!!!!! Who else on this EARTH could have gone through what you just did and then be SITTING UP ALL CUTSIE, SMILING, and THINKING ABOUT FOOD just a few short hours later!!! I just know that today's surgery was the crest of the hill, Martha, and you're on the downhill, smooth-sailing side of this now!!!! Once again, Girlfriend . . . you amaze ALL of us with your strength, humbleness, and grace!!! You ROCK!!!! I am SO grateful for such a positive outcome today!!!!

Lots of love,

Kari said...

Way to go Martha. You are an inspiration to all of us! KW

Meags said...

Yeah Martha and all. Your smile says it all. Love to Joe and the family and can't wait to give you a squeeze.


Cheela said...

Martha, I've been getting updates all day long as we have been traveling across South Dakota and Wyoming. We have been out of cell phone range much of the time, but I have been able to get updates regularly. I have been thinking and saying prayers for you all day today! You look wonderful!!! See you soon!!