Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Hey, everyone! I continue to be so blessed on this journey! Every time there has been the possibility of recieving bad news, it turns out to be good news! I was so very anxious about going to see Dr. Livingston today. Except maybe being softer, my breast has not gotten smaller and the lump feels as large as it did when I first realized that big ol' thing they were feeling in there was a lump! I always thought I was feeling for something the size of a pea or maybe a small grape. The lab drew tumor markers (something they monitor in your blood to indicate whether the cancer is getting worse or spreading) last week and I was to find out the results today. I also had an ultrasound yesterday and would find out the results of that. Needless to say, it was a little hard to sleep last night!

The ultrasound didn't show anything unusual. This is the same result as the last two I've had done. For some reason, my cancer doesn't show up on ultrasoud. All it said was dense, fibrocystic tissue. My tumor markers were down! At the beginning of January they were 63. Last time I saw Dr. Livingston (a month ago) they were 44. Today, they were 32! Anything below 40 is considered normal! Yippee! And, even though Dr. Livingston agrees that my lump doesn't feel any smaller, he says that to him it feels more like fibrous scar tissue than cancer! Whoohoo! That would mean the chemo is doing its job. I am going for another MRI on Monday. They will compare that one to the one I had before beginning my new chemo regimen. Then, Dr. Livingston said eight more weeks of chemo and I should be as ready for surgery as I'm going to be as long as things continue the way they are. I don't want to celebrate too soon, but this would mean I would be ready to return to teaching in August. I might possibly still be recieving radiation treatments at that time, but from what I've learned, lots of people work while recieving radiation. The treatments are very short. So, a day I was dreading turned out to be a very happy day!

I know I've said this before, but I truly believe that all the love, good thoughts, and prayers are really helping me. I know they help me keep the positive attitude I need for my body to fight this disease. Thank you to everyone!

That's it for now!
Love you all tons!


Jim said...

Delighted for your news. That's great to hear. Even more delighted that you are so anxious to return to work. Nice to see a dedicated teacher as opposed to those who count the days until their retirement vests.....beginning at age 23!

The SAB team said...

FANTASTIC NEWS! We'll all rooting for you here! Your attitude is the foundation and support for everything you do! We're all doing a happy dance with you today!

velvet brick said...

Your news tonight is like salve on a sore spirit....thank you so much for sharing this with us all, Martha! What wonderful news and I am so glad that you will be able to get some rest tonight!!! : ))) This just validates the path you are on, one more step of the way! Yeeehawwww!!! : ))) Hey!! Now we know what toast number two will be Friday afternoon!

N-Search of Peace said...

Oh happy day is right!!!
Blessings are being poured and washed all over!
Knew it was in you!
Knew you were amazing!
Know what tenacity is...Y-O-U!!!
Looking forward to Friday and our raising our glasses of "nectar-of-the-God's" to you and to John who now is at peace...
Love you sweetie...always...

Dottie said...

Dear Martha,

I'm SO thrilled for you and Joe about the incredible news you shared!! This is the turning point we've all been waiting on and praying for!! Your tenacity, strength, and positive attitude made it happen, Girlfriend!! You continue to do nothing but AMAZE me!! Put on those dancing shoes!! Good for you, Martha!!!

Lots of love, Dottie

LoriH said...

Oh Martha,
I'm not sure I can type through my tears! Tears of joy, of course! That is just incredible news and I don't even think that words gives justice to it:). Your work with us is not done. And you thought you weren't teaching, when all this time we were learning the power of prayer & friendship. There's more for us to learn. Let the lessons continue, Martha. I'm going to do a happy dance for you:)