Monday, November 16, 2009

They Did It!


N-Search of Peace! said...

with immense joy, recognition, awareness, LOVE, (oh my goodness the LOVE!) gratitude, fellowship, prayer, HOPE, (Oh my goodness the HOPE!) and so many more that my eyes are to blurry to write...

With gratitude to Joe, Janaya, and Pam....BRAVO! the thousands upon thousands that also walked, I am humbled by it....let the heavens hear the cries!

Love you and miss you....

L- said...

Watching these pics, especially toward the end... I am so thankful/amazed/awed/proud of you for fighting as hard as you do. I'm having a hard time finding words to truly expression my adoration for you. You are wonderful and those around you reflect your spirit of triumph. How fortunate we all are to have you.

Love you!

NP said...

Ditto what they had to say. The pictures literally took my breath away! Thank you Joe, Janaya, and Pam for representing so many of us. We LOVED watching you go by Gilbert El and we LOVED the bandanas ~ that was so thoughtful. My feet are almost actually starting to hurt :)
Love & hugs,

Cheela said...

Love the slide show, Martha. I am so proud and honored that our students were able to cheer on the walkers!! What a day!! I also agree with all of the other comments!! You are the best!


You were right!. . . a real tear jerker. Loved the pictures Martha. I have nothing short of great admiration for the tremendous Love and courage represented by the thousands of walkers, AND YOUR FAMILY, in this awesome event. It rejuvenates my belief in its purpose.

As you say...."Let the heavens hear the cries!". Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.
Love you,

velvet brick said...

What a incredible morning that was to be a part of 'Team Sole Sisters' walking by for our girls!
Thank you to you, Martha, to Joe, Janaya and Pam for allowing us to share in the fight and celebrate you! : ))
Love to you all....

Dottie said...

It's taken me awhile for my tears to dry enough to even be able to see to write this, Martha! What an incredibly wonderful slide show of love, hope, courage, support! You captured the essence of the Cause with your pictures so beautifully, Pam! Martha, you AND your unbelievably awesome family are nothing short of AMAZING!! I have so much respect, love, and adoration for ALL of you!! And, we're still walking right there beside you, Martha, every step of the way!!

By the way, aren't we supposed to have a one-year celebration already?!?! That is a major milestone that deserves its own TREMENDOUS celebration!! Just let me know when and I'll even do the party planning!!!

Martha, you are absolutely awe-inspiring with the strength and courage you've put into this fight! I'm sure you have your moments of pain, worry, and doubt . . . but you STILL carry yourself with such beauty, dignity, and grace . . . no one would even know the burden you carry!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!!

Lots of love,

P.S. I think your hair is longer than Michael's now!! :o)