Monday, February 22, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Hi, everyone! Today was the day I went up to Tucson to see Dr. Livingston to find out where I'm at on the cancer front and make a new plan now that I had finished up with my radiation and chemo. I have been trying so hard to be positive over the last couple of weeks, but it was hard and I was an absolute nervous wreck driving up there today.

But . . . GREAT NEWS!!!! My tumor markers are down from 60 to 47. Still a bit above normal, but Dr. Livingston strongly feels they were elevated due to the shots I was getting to keep my blood counts up. He said high white blood cell counts will increase the tumor marker level. (Hmmmm . . . makes me wonder why Dr. Wendt didn't tell me that! He gave Joe and I no other explanation besides it meaning cancer.) Dr. Livingston thinks that now that I am finished with my chemo and no longer on the shots, the markers are on their way down. Phew! And, my alkaline phosphatase was back down to within the normal levels! Phew!! And, when he looked at my Pet/CT scan films, he didn't see anything that looked like cancer to him! Phew!!! He says as far as he can tell, I AM CANCER FREE!!!! He wants me to get an MRI scan of my spine some time in the next several weeks, just to confirm that nothing is going on, but he totally expects it to be negative. He said, "See you in three months!"

Oh my goodness! I tried to be positive and visualize him telling me that news so many times over the last couple of weeks, but every time I did, I couldn't help but also visualize recieving bads news, too. Of course after getting a huge hug from Joe, the first thing I did was call Pam. Poor thing! I was crying so hard with relief I could barely tell her the news. I think I may have panicked her for a few minutes!

I will see Dr. Wendt on Wednesday, get my PICC line taken out, and except for getting the MRI scan done sometime during spring break, I won't have to see or talk to a doctor for three whole months! I have to keep pinching myself!

So, I'm off to bed. Back to school tomorrow. No more excuses for being tired and miserable! :>)

As always, sending all of my love and thanks to all of you!


Cheela said...

I am so happy for you, Martha and for all of us who have the privilege of having you in our lives!

jchitzel said...

Silly mom! you're been poked enough! don't pinch yourself too!

NP said...

Hip Hip HOORAY is RIGHT!!! You are such an inspiration and I love you dearly!!!
Love & hugs,

N-Search of Peace! said...

THIS is what God meant when he thought of the definition of "JOY!"

Love you always Martha...always...



I am so happy and relieved to read this news. I am glad you had Pam by your side as you went thru this. I love you both.

Jim said...

I'm so happy for you all!!
Take care dear,

velvet brick said...

Thank you, my dear sweet friend, for sharing the news with me as you did.... I am honored beyond tears!!