Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Update from Martha's Sister

Hi Everyone, Martha asked me to update her blog because she has been extremely busy. So, here I go.

Michael and Joey both had birthdays during the month of January. Michael is officially an adult and Joey is enjoying his second decade of life. Martha, Joe, and Janaya took Michael out to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate. About a week later, Michael and Martha drove up and spent the weekend in Flagstaff with Joey. The guys enjoyed snowboarding while Martha hung out at the hotel. They celebrated Joey’s birthday by going out to dinner with Joey and his friends.

Janaya is all settled into her new home. She is actively trying to convince Andrew that they need a labradoodle puppy. Janaya is making progress, but I think it will take actually holding a puppy before she can completely convince him.

Joe’s parents came out for a visit to attend the Arizona Builders Alliance dinner. At the dinner, Joe was honored as President of this organization. It was a great evening enjoyed by all.

Martha finished her last chemo treatment this past Wednesday. After talking with her doctors and family, she decided to enjoy a month of no tests or treatments. Well, one of the many things that we have learned about cancer is that as soon as you have a plan the plan changes. Instead of feeling better after the last chemo treatment, Martha started to feel a bit worse. As it turns out her port is infected. I can’t believe this bad timing! When I think about all that has gone through that port and now it gets infected! The good news is that we figured out what was going on. Martha is receiving IV antibiotics. Martha is tired, but she is already starting to feel better.

The doctors are watching her and then they will decide if the port should be removed. At this point, we are thinking that the doctors will remove the port. This isn’t a major procedure and besides being achy there is no recovery time.

If you want to contact Martha she is checking her blog and email.

Martha's sister,


NP said...

Thank you Pam for keeping us posted ~ you ARE a wonderful sister! That was a very busy January Martha, no wonder you are tired. I'm sorry to hear about your port being infected ... at least you now know why you weren't feeling better. I think of you on a daily basis and still have you in my prayers! Call me if you need me.
Love & hugs,

Dawn Chandler said...

Thank you, Pam!

And Martha, if they remove the port, I hope you will celebrate with a fine glass of port!
Just God forbid, don't put ice in it like you Grandmother-in-law used to do!
[I shudder at the memory of her sacrilege of fine spirits...!]

Raising my glass to you!
~ Dawn


Thank you Pam for posting. I was dying to know how Martha was doing. Love to you both.

疼痛 said...

^^ 謝謝你的分享,祝你生活永遠多彩多姿!.........................

Gina Schroeder said...

Dear Martha,

Luke came home from school today saying he had a bad day because he had a substitute. ...not that she wasn't nice, but that you were gone. He then told me you were in the hospital with some sort of the infection. Well, I had to know how you were right away and offer some support that I regret has been lacking from me. I knew of your blog, but was not certain if it was appropriate for a parent of one your students to read. Then I thought, I'm a fellow survivor, a woman who has been through this and can offer encouragement. How silly of me to think you didn't need it from me, because I remember that I needed it from anyone who would give it, in any form that it came. I apologize that I have not been there for you. That will change.

Thank you going to school each day to teach my son. You amaze me.

Gina Schroeder

Dottie said...

Pam, you TRULY are an angel--in SO many ways!! It's kind of like when I think of Martha, I always see you right there beside her--ALWAYS emotionally and almost always physically! I hope you and Martha always know that there isn't a thing that anyone of us wouldn't do for either of you!! We don't want to intrude so you'll have to let us know! We all love you both!! Dottie