Friday, July 17, 2009

One Week Down

Hi, everyone. I thought I'd just update and let you know how radiation is going. The actual treatments are much easier and faster than the dry run was. From start to finish, the whole thing takes about twenty minutes. I just go in and lie down on the table. The technician then uses all the numbers they wrote down during the trial run to position the table and the machine in just the right position and then leaves the room while the radiation is delivered. The only way I know I am recieving the radiation is by a buzzing noise that lasts about twenty to thirty seconds. This is done four times and then I'm done. I will be recieving a total of thirty three treatments, Mondays through Fridays, so one week down, five and a half to go.

So far, I am not experiencing any ill effects from the radiation. I've been putting aloe vera on my skin three to four times a day. The technician said that was the best thing. I also started on my oral chemo on Monday and as the week wore on I became increasingly nauseous. I called Dr. Livingston's office today and they called in a prescription for a stronger anti-nausea medicine which seems to be working because I'm feeling better. The only problem is my insurance will only cover nine pills a month! I had to pay a copay of $15 today for the nine pills or else they would have cost $185! For nine pills. I'm supposed to take one every twelve hours. Walgreen's said sometimes the doctor can call the insurance company and get an override. So, I will take them this weekend and see if they continue to work and go from there. Someimes, things just don't make sense, though.

Michael and Joe left yesterday to go to NJ and then up to Canada with Joe's family. This is a trip we've done almost every summer since the kids were little and one Joe has done since he was fourteen. His family inherited a little island in the middle of a lake in Canada. It is very rustic; no bathrooms - outhouses, no electricity, water is pumped up from the lake, baths are taken in the lake (Brrrr. . . cold!), but it is definitely a little piece of heaven. The week is spent swimming, boating, skiing, playing cards and other games, lots of reading, and of course margaritas and peanuts every afternoon at five. I will definitely miss being there this summer.
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This last picture sums up the experience beautifully!

Love you all tons!


velvet brick said...

Well heck, girl! Maybe we need to do our own version of 'margaritas and peanuts'! : )) How would the radiation technician feel if you showed up 'happy'?? : )

I'm glad this new medicine is helping much better...but at the price, you should be taking them with champagne!! Let's hope the good doctor can override the insurance company!

I like your Shelfari books - I took mine off for some reason. You always read such interesting subjects and of the things I admire about you, dear friend! Love you!

N-Search of Peace! said...

Sounds like all again is going somewhat soothly....

Oh, except your tummy again...

And insurance companies....

I know that margarita's are good for what ails ya!...let's do it!

I leave Wednesday!

Love you mucho sweetie...

Cheela said...


You have such an incredible attitude about everything. It will be so great to have you back at school!!

I remember you telling me about this little island when I wrote about our cabin down in southeastern Arizona. It sounds similar--we just have a creek, no lake, but the same peacefulness!

I would love to go for margaritas and peanuts, too!