Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Love My Book Club!

Just wanted to post and say thanks to my fellow book club members and tell them how much I care for and appreciate them.

When I got up this morning, my blood counts must have still been low because I took my shower and then couldn't get myself up off the couch for two hours! I finally forced myself up and then gradually throughout the day I felt myself getting stronger and stronger. I can literally feel when my Neulasta shot has kicked in and my counts are climbing. So, I was feeling well and was able to go to book club tonight.

As always, we had a wonderful time. Lots of laughter and commiserating and sharing of our lives. When the waitress took our money we told her thanks and she said, "Thank you. You are all so nice and happy. Most people aren't so happy."

I left tonight feeling so very cared about by the girls and full of positive energy for tomorrow and just wanted to say thanks!

Love you tons!


velvet brick said...

Hi Martha! I so wish I had been able to go tonight....MY version of bookclub was my text book for my SEI class...not nearly as entertaining! I'm so glad to hear that you guys had such a great time. I hope to be able to make it in May. I'm riding on your shoulder tomorrow for your trip, girlfriend! : )))

N-Search of Peace said...

It is always a "blast" when we crazy women get together....I feel true grace by your kind and giving words sweetie....
Kick some major butt today!....show them how fierce you can be!!
Again, I so admire you and have quaking amounts of respect for you and how you deal with the cancer, the emotions, the med's, and those around you...your amazing!
With such love for you sweetie....

LoriH said...

I feel the same way about book club. It's a nice way to lose yourself for a few hours--and that book was sooo good! I think we need to plan a field trip to Guernsey for the book club! I was glad to hear about Joey. I LOVED NAU! and I think he will, too. I'm also glad to hear about the change with your doctors. It's so important to feel comfortable and know that everything possible is being done. As I've said before, you may not be in the classroom at the moment, but we are all learning so much from you. I've thought about you all day today & am anxiously awaiting the news about Tucson.
Hugs & prayers,